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What we do...

We service the entire contiguous U.S.!

We transport ALL mediums of artwork, as well as fine art antiques!

Size accommodations...

We use Mercedes Sprinter vans, as opposed to large box trucks - which means that we can accommodate a maximum height of 72"-82", a maximum length of 160"-180", and a maximum width of 60".


Custom fabrication...

Our vans are fabricated specifically for the purpose of fine art transportation.


Our vans are insulated and equipped with temperature control, alarm systems and secondary (exterior) locking mechanisms!

All artwork is sandwiched between sheets of cardboard, and secured in place with straps (to limit motion during transit).


Since the structure of our scheduling is similar to that of a shuttle service, all artwork travels alongside other shipments, but once the artwork has been picked up and loaded into the van, it does NOT move again until it reaches its destination.

Gallery transfers...

Do you have a sister gallery with whom you exchange artwork regularly? If so, then we can help!


We'd like to develop a working relationship with you!


Email or call us today to discuss a reoccurring gallery exchange arrangement - monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually...whatever you need, we're here to help!

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