We prefer that all artwork be properly soft-packed (by the sender) prior to pickup, but we do offer soft-packing services upon request. 



Soft-packing fees vary depending on the size and medium of the piece, the type of packaging needed, and the complexity of the job.


We're here to help...

If you'd prefer to soft-pack the pieces yourself (to save a little money), but are unsure how best to pack your item(s), then our representatives would be more than happy to offer packing suggestions - based on the size, medium and sensitivity of your artwork.


Minimal packing...

Since our drivers are professionally trained to handle and transport fine artno crating or heavy packaging is required (or necessary)!



We usually advise against crating - since it is far more cost-effective to transport soft-packed artwork - but if your artwork requires crating for transport (due to fragility or temperature sensitivity), then that's fine too! Although we don't fabricate wooden crates for transport, we have no problem transporting pre-crated artwork. We can also build a custom cardboard container if needed.


Unpacking and debris removal...​

We also offer unpacking and debris removal services (upon request). Unpacking and debris removal fees vary depending on the type (and amount) of packaging and complexity of the job.

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