Meet the Team

Owner and Founder of iTransport4u

Bob assumes the roles of office manager, trainer, brand ambassador, logistics agent, and driver. He is a very active member of our team - in almost every department! He and his wife, Jodie have been handling and transporting artwork professionally for over 20 years! He is incredibly kind, genuine, charismatic, and reliable...exactly the type of person to whom you'd entrust your most valuable possessions/creations!


Bob Sorrentino


Cris Barton

Operations Manager

Cris is the brains of our operation! She's our operations/office manager, logistics specialist and bookkeeper. She oversees all of our daily activities and manages all incoming shipment requests. She is charismatic, diligent and hard-working, and has gained experience in every department (customer service, logistics, accounting, driving, etc.) She is currently in pursuit of her 2nd bachelor’s degree and continues to astound all of us with her perseverance and strong work ethic.


Shannon Sorensen

Social Media Specialist

Like Bob, Shannon also assumes many roles (receptionist, administrative assistant, social media specialist, driver, etc.). She's extremely versatile and has many interests. For example, Shannon has always been facinated by criminology and actually possesses a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. She is very personable and incredibly easy to talk to! She is truly the spirit of the office and keeps our days vibrant and lively!


Destiny Brown

Senior Logistics Agent

Destiny is our senior logistics agent responsible for client communication, booking, scheduling, and bookkeeping. She is very detail-oriented, thorough and handles all of her tasks with careful consideration. Destiny LOVES animals and harbors a home zoo of sorts: she has six companions - two small dogs, two cats and two cockatiels! She possesses an associate’s degree in business administration and is currently in pursuit of her second associate's degree - in accounting.

Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 12.48.19

Vanessa Cordero

Junior Logistics Agent

Vanessa is our junior logistics agent responsible for reception and administrative assistance. She's the lovely lady on the front lines - walking clients through the quoting process and vetting inquiries for upper level logistics personnel and management.  She also has a knack for videography and editing. Vanessa is valiant, venturesome and very bubbly. She has an affinity for dreamcatchers and an obsession with Vans products. We feel very blessed to have her on our team!

IMG_2320 2.jpg

Vitaliy Tasmaly

Vitaliy is the charming and knowledgeable driver of Van #4. He loves trying new things (especially food), spending time with his family and learning. Fun fact...Vitaliy actually has his pilot's license and even has his very own plane (cool, right?)! He's full of energy, and enjoys taking his children on adventures!


Mihail Arabadji

Mike is the patient and skillful driver of Van #8. He too has been with us for many years and we frequently hear (from our clients) how prompt, polite and organized he is. Our office staff admire his conciseness and diligence..he rarely misses a beat!


Yevgen Kovalenko

Yevgen is the easy-going and personable driver of Van #6. Yevgen has been with us for a couple of years now and we've heard nothing but good things from our clients! He's incredibly easy to get along with, politepunctual, and  very accommodating!

Meet Our Partners


Remi Sorrentino


Remi is our knowledgeable business consultant. She has helped to build our team and continues to support us through our growth. She provides coaching on leadership skills, team building, company culture and business psychology. She has been training our team and helping us to implement structure - in order to facilitate business expansion in a customer-focused manner, and to develop elevated and cohesive branding and marketing. We are so excited to be working with her! 


Stefan Gortat

Stefan - an affiliate of iTransport4u - is the owner of a PAKMAIL franchise located in Charleston, SC - specializing in antiques. Stefan frequently assists us with restrictive shipments that we are unable to accommodate - due to time sensitivity or lack of availability. We are very grateful for his partnership!


Meet Our Drivers

IMG_2323 2.jpg

Bob Sorrentino


Shannon Sorensen

The owner of the company, Bob, and our social media specialist, Shannon, both double as drivers! They are talented fine art handlers and lively personalities to encounter on the road!

James Hornsby

James is the quick-witted and quirky driver of Van #3. James has been with us for a couple of years now and he always knows just how to lighten the mood and make us and our clients laugh! He is the proud owner of not one, not two, but THREE Ford Mustangs (and loves to talk about it)!