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Fine Art Handling

We've all heard horror stories about shipping fine art with standard carriers...lost or undelivered artwork, punctured paintings, damaged sculptures, broken glass, tossed boxes, dented packages. 
We care...
We here at iTransport4u passionately believe that artwork shouldn't be carelessly tossed into the back of a box truck and neglected during transit. 

Experience & expertise...
We have over 23 years of experience in this industry. We've spent years building our credibility...our reputation...working alongside some of the most renowned galleries, artists and museums in the industry.

Our ideals...
At iTransport4u, it's not all about gaining clientele and enhancing our's about cultivating and maintaining relationships with the individuals/institutions who've supported us throughout our long and - at times - difficult journey and made iTransport4u what it is today. We are client-oriented, so we are dedicated to helping our clients in any way that we can. What matters to YOU, matters to US!

We have an abundance of satisfied and trusting clientele who prefer OUR services over our competitors'. If you'd like to read some of our glowing reviews, please visit our Testimonials page. Feel free to ask our representatives for a list of references.

Trained professionals...
iTransport4u is a specialized company. All of our drivers are professionally trained to handle and transport fine art. 

We handle ALL items with care...not just the ones that are labeled 'FRAGILE'. 

We genuinely care about each and every piece of artwork that comes into our possession and work hard to ensure safe and timely transportation. 

We are passionate about what we do...and it shows! Rest assured that YOUR artwork is in good hands!
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