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At this time, we are offering limited storage within our warehouse - located in Palm Desert, CA. Our warehouse is equipped with temperature control and alarm systems.

Typically, we offer storage for items that are tentatively scheduled for delivery at a later time, or for items that are scheduled for delivery to a hard-to-reach area. 

It is also common for California-based clients to bring their artwork to our location - to be stored and scheduled for delivery with our next available shuttle.

Storage fees...
Storage fees are incurred on a monthly basis and are dependent upon several factors (i.e. the number of items being stored, size and medium of the items being stored, sensitivity/fragility of the items being stored - especially with regard to temperature, etc.).

If you'd like to speak with a representative about storage, please email us at

Coming soon...
We are planning to move our operations to a larger office in the coming year. Our new office space will feature an expanded warehouse, so we will be offering MORE storage opportunities! Stay tuned....
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