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We do offer OOA (out on approval) services upon request, and for an additional fee



Our driver will deliver the artwork to your client and allow them up to 30 minutes to view the piece in their home and make a decision. If you'd like to request additional time, or feel that 30 minutes is not sufficient, please notify us in advance, so that we can plan accordingly. Additional time will incur additional cost.

We can allow your client up to 24 hours to make a decision, however, we must be made aware of this request/arrangement at least a week in advance, so that we can determine whether or not our driver will be able to fulfill the request - taking into consideration any/all time constraints and deadlines. You will be charged accordingly for this service.

If your client decides to return the piece, then our driver will repack the artwork and return it to the pickup location. If your client needs more time than what is allotted, then we can schedule the return at a later time.


Depending on the size and medium of the piece and the type of packaging needed, the packing expense may or may not be waived.

The cost of the return shipment will be the same as the initial transport.

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