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Shipment Protection Options

Safety is our number one priority, so we highly recommend that all artwork be fully protected while in transit. Accidents it's always best to err on the side of caution.


We have 3 shipment protection options.

The following qualifications/terms must met in order to determine your eligibility for repair, replacement or reimbursement of the declared (appraised) value of the item(s)


Option 3: No Shipment Protection: I, the client, choose to "op-out" of iTransport4u’s Shipment Protection Options (SPOs).  I will not hold iTransport4u liable for any/all damage to my shipment regardless of cause

Option 1 Tier 1:

  • Is availability at 1% of the artwork’s appraised value

  • Requires that the item(s) be pre-packed (by the sender, or sender's agent) prior to pickup

  • The item(s) must have new, pristine packaging. Less then pristine packaging may limit this option

  • Requires adherence to our minimum packing standards

  • This option protects against partial/complete loss of the item due to fire, theft, auto accident and/or equipment failure 

  • iTransport4u CANNOT be held liable for damage incurred as a result of poor/inadequate packaging

  • iTransport4u CANNOT be held liable for normal "wear and tear" do to transportation

  • Does NOT include "unpacking & debris removal"

  • Unpacking & debris removal must be requested as an additional service (and quoted accordingly) prior to confirmation

  • The exterior of the package/item will arrive in same as picked up condition

Option 2 Tier 2:

  • Is availability at 2% of the artwork’s appraised value (plus applicable packing costs)

  • Requires that the item(s) be packed by our driver at time of pickup

  • This option protects against any new damage incurred while in our possession with the exception for normal "wear and tear" do to transportation or "age deterioration", which iTransport4u CANNOT be held liable for.

  • Includes unpacking & debris removal

  • Unpacking will be performed in the presence of the recipient at time of delivery
    • If the packaging of the item is extensive or otherwise complicated, or the delivery location is not ground-level, an additional fee may apply for debris removal services

Please note:

  • If the artwork requires special handling due to sensitivity or fragility (i.e. orientation or temperature sensitivity), it MUST be fully disclosed in writing prior to confirmation

    • iTransport4u CANNOT be held liable for any damages incurred due to the client's failure to communicate applicable stipulations/requirements to iTransport4u's staff about the artwork

If you choose to op-in to one of our options for your shipment, you will be required to fill out an  "Shipment Protection Options" form (which simply agrees to the above terms & conditions) and return it to us via email.

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